Kitchen Lighting: Illuminating the Heart of a Home

By Hawthorn, New Jersey-based Home Supply & Lumber Staff

Though many kitchen redesigns feature gorgeous cabinetry, appliances, countertops, and flooring, a well-conceived lighting plan is a must for the room’s beauty to shine through. Ironically, especially in older homes, many people stay with the more traditional single overhead fixture. Progressive designers and electrical contractors suggest that modern designs include multiple fixtures including track lighting, recessed ceiling fixtures, and low-voltage halogen under-cabinet fixtures.

Among the advantages to these alternate approaches is that track fixtures can be moved and re-aimed for dramatic effect, while all three fixture types can utilize high-efficiency halogen bulbs. Whereas halogen bulbs provide up to 2,000 hours of illumination, even newer xenon bulbs are also an option at similar cost, yet deliver up to 10,000 hours of service. Finally, the low-cost addition of dimmers can allow diners to achieve any mood, from candlelight dim for a romantic occasion to full brilliance for food-preparation ease.

With over five decades in business, Home Supply & Lumber, Inc., of Hawthorne, continues to be regarded as the region’s most innovative custom kitchen firm.


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