TimberTech’s Durable Wood-plastic Composite Decks and Rails

Based in Hawthorne, New Jersey, Home Supply & Lumber Center, Inc., offers customers a full range of quality hardware and interior construction and remodeling supplies. Home Supply’s decking and railing options include quality TimberTech composite products, which offer an unmatched combination of low maintenance and durability to meet the needs of Hawthorne-area homeowners.

TimberTech’s outdoor building products are made from quality materials such as PVC and wood-plastic composite, which effectively retain their original color and strength throughout the years. Resistant to insects and mildewing, decks and rails do not need to be constantly repaired and replaced, and help avoid regular staining and painting projects. The firm’s exclusive 25-year warranty is transferrable to a second owner, making it an excellent choice for investment properties. The natural-looking Earthwood Evolutions line comes with an additional 25-year warranty on stain and fading, which helps assure property value over the long term. A recent Remodeling Magazine “Cost vs. Value Report” confirms the value of TimberTech composite deck additions, with its 71% return-on-investment equaling that of full kitchen and bathroom remodels.


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