Practical Tips on Kitchen Designs

A supplier of lumber, doors, windows, and other hardware, Home Supply has been serving Hawthorne and other nearby communities for over 50 years. Home Supply of Hawthorne, New Jersey, is also known for its custom kitchen designs. Their showroom is every do-it-yourselfer’s haven. Homeowners who are looking to install a new kitchen or renovate an old one should remember these practical tips:

– Safety is the first priority. Having slip-resistant tiles, rounded countertops, and ovens or other dangerous items located out of the reach of children help safeguard the family from any accident.
– Every nook and cranny can be used for storage. These spaces can be utilized to keep appliances that would otherwise cause a clutter on the countertop.
– Provide easy access to regularly used tools and equipment. Using deep drawers for favorite pots and pans beats placing them in hard to reach areas.
– Kitchen action needs adequate lighting. Make sure the light is in front of the workspace and not at the back, casting a shadow over the work area.


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