Designing a Kitchen? Keep These Five Rules in Mind

1) Avoid accidents by installing good lighting in your kitchen. You can opt for task lighting in the form of pendants that hover above open workspaces, general illumination for the room lining the walls or across the ceiling, or lighting accents that serve to enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics.
2) Make sure your working triangle–the space between the sink, fridge and working countertops–is uncluttered and unimpeded by foot traffic. As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to have a margin of about five feet between the working triangle and seating in the kitchen.
3) Your guests don’t need to know what you cooked for dinner last night. Make sure to invest in a good quality ventilator to get rid of all the food smells that are in your home. You may be used to the smell, but an outsider would be able to pick it up right away!
4) Keep some space open for a backsplash for the oven. Cooking can get messy, especially when kids are involved! Walls or wallpaper will not always be the easiest to clean. If you don’t have a built in backsplash on your oven, make sure you cover the allotted space over the oven with tiles that are easy to wipe up.
5) Always keep your appliances in mind when designing a new kitchen. You’ll need enough space for your fridge, the oven, the dishwasher, and the recycling bins as well as your food processor and coffeemaker. If you’re planning on buying a new appliance, try and obtain its measurements before you start working on your kitchen to save yourself a hassle later on!

Because designing or remodeling a kitchen all on your own is both expensive and time consuming, consider hiring a professional team to do the work for you. The Home Supply & Lumber Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey, not only provides a variety of lumber, fittings, and home supplies, but they also have an in-house kitchen design department with professional designers, coordinators, contractors, and customer service. Give Home Supply & Lumber Center a call at (973) 427-7400.


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