2014 Trends in Kitchen Design

Based out of Hawthorne, New Jersey, Home Supply & Lumber Center, Inc., features a staff of carpenters and designers who understand the latest trends in home design. Along with assisting with lumber, millwork, hardware, and paint, Home Supply & Lumber Center provides customized guidance to clients seeking to alter their kitchens through renovations or new installations.

Before changing the appearance of a residence, a homeowner should learn about modern styles and designs. 2014 offers up some trendy options for kitchens.

1. Gray Cabinets – Although white or natural are standard looks for kitchen cabinets, soft gray has increased in popularity in recent years, and some expect it to overtake white’s long-lasting dominant position.

2. Colorful Sinks – Although kitchens commonly feature neutral colors, many designers enjoy the potential of colorful sinks in place of the basic white and stainless steel varieties that have occupied kitchens for decades.

3. Multi-tiered Drawers – Individuals replacing kitchen equipment can optimize their real estate through the installation of multi-tiered drawers. The drawers provide additional space as well as an interesting look in a kitchen.

4. New Technology – Many advances in kitchen appliances over the past several years add a lot of possibilities to the room. Commercial-grade equipment, such as high-quality refrigerators and ovens, are less expensive and more viable choices for homeowners. Automation further enhances the cooking experience with the use of smartphone apps and hands-free faucets.


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