DIYers Should Learn about Wood before Visiting a Lumberyard

Contractors and individuals in the Hawthorne, New Jersey, area can visit the Home Supply & Lumber Center for essential project supplies. Since its founding more than 50 years ago, Home Supply & Lumber has supplied an array of doors, windows, railings, mantles, and other products to serve every construction need. The company provides the personalized customer service every do-it-yourself (DIY) aficionado needs to complete home improvement projects.

DIYers need to learn some basics about wood before visiting a lumberyard for projects supplies. For example, DIYers should know that the National Hardwood Lumber Association has established standard lumber grades, which reflect to the quantity of defects in a board. The highest hardwood grade is First and Seconds (FAS), with several lower designations. Softwoods also receive grades, which are established by the American Softwood Lumber Standard. Softwoods used for construction, or dimensional wood, receive grades based on strength, with appearance softwoods graded by looks. By equipping themselves with knowledge about standard wood-grading procedures, DIYers can confidently select the wood they need for any home-based project.


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