Tips for Selecting an Interior Paint Color

Home Supply & Lumber Center of Hawthorne, New Jersey, provides a full array of paints and stains for home improvement projects. In addition, homeowners can turn to Home Supply & Lumber Center for the necessary tools for do-it-yourself painting, including brushes and roller covers, tapes, and spackles. Before stocking up on painting supplies, though, homeowners should learn about how to select the right colors for interior spaces.

Design experts note that homeowners who want to experiment with color may want to work with small spaces first. For example, they could paint a small powder room, hallway, or access wall. An element of the space’s décor, such as a piece of artwork or a rug, can be the source of a favorite paint color. In addition, homeowners should consider the mood of the space along with its lighting.

By painting a small area first, a homeowner can quickly determine if the paint selection is working in the space. If not, little time and effort has been invested, and it’s relatively easy to make a color change.


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