Custom Bathroom Design Trends

Based in Hawthorne, New Jersey, Home Supply & Lumber Center is a longtime supplier of millwork and lumber. Home Supply & Lumber also has deep expertise designing and constructing custom kitchens and baths. Before building or upgrading a bathroom, homeowners may want to survey current bathroom design trends.

For eye-catching effects in bathrooms, some homeowners are opting for statement-making floor tiles. Vivid or unique tiles can add flair to a small space and be a perfect complement to simple fixtures and walls. For homeowners who prefer a more relaxed bathroom feel, drawing ideas from nature can be an effective design approach. To achieve a natural look, designers recommend using earthy materials, such as stone, and incorporate plants into bathrooms.

Another popular trends is reconfiguring master bedrooms to provide views of attractive bathroom furnishings, such as freestanding tubs or elegant vanities. Designers note that adding in sliding doors to section off areas can be a good idea for homeowners who want an open master suite approach.


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