Homeowners Can Select On-Trend Paints for Every Room

Based in Hawthorne, New Jersey, Home Supply & Lumber Center is a source for kitchen installations and high-quality building materials. Home Supply & Lumber also carries a comprehensive line of paints for use in every type of home improvement project. Before selecting paints for their interior spaces, homeowners can learn about current paint trends.

Each year, leading paint manufacturers provide forecasts on what they expect to see as the most popular paint colors during the upcoming year. One major company projected that silvery-green hues would earn increased adoption since they could act as a neutral tone, with a hint of color. Another company projected that a dark shade called Noir, would complement dramatic color palettes. For homeowners who prefer bold colors, a vibrant coral can add life to any room and work with a range of design styles, from vintage to contemporary.

Other popular paints include various shades of blue, including a vivid teal, ocean blue, and deep blue-gray, among others. For those who prefer a more subdued look to their walls, selecting an on-trend earthy brown or graphite gray can provide a versatile backdrop for furnishings and accessories.


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