The Safety Importance of Address Plaque and House Number Visibility

Headquartered in Hawthorne, New Jersey, remodeling and lumber distribution company Home Supply & Lumber Center offers homeowners a range of exterior accessories, such as door hardware and knockers. Also available through Home Supply & Lumber are house numbers and address plaques

It is important that house numbers and address plaques remain visible during exterior renovations. These important identifiers help guests and postal delivery services locate a residency when maps and navigation applications become unavailable. In addition, fire departments and emergency response personnel rely heavily on address plaques and house numbers to find residencies. Although most fire departments possess detailed maps of the surrounding neighborhood, house numbers offer faster and more efficient guidance during dire situations.

To promote address visibility, the Live Safe Foundation established a list of criteria for the display of house numbers and address plaques. The criteria require numbers be printed in Arabic numerals at least four inches high against a contrasting background color. Addresses must remain visible from the street, unobstructed and positioned no further than 45 feet from the front property line. Properties with dwellings located more than 45 feet may place address plaques on fences, mailboxes, or gate posts.


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