Synthetic Versus Wood Decking

Decking pic

For more than 50 years, Home Supply & Lumber Center has been serving builders, architects, and neighbors in Hawthorne, New Jersey, and its surrounding communities. In addition to its lumber operation, Home Supply & Lumber helps customers install kitchens, purchase windows and doors, and buy decking.

Synthetic materials include plastic, vinyl, and rubber and are typically very durable. They tend to have a higher upfront cost than some wood decking depending on the specific material homeowners choose. However, their long-term costs are lower because they do not require as much maintenance as wood decking. This doesn’t mean that synthetic decks are completely maintenance free, though. Synthetic materials are susceptible to scratches, warping, fading, and mold, and homeowners must analyze each type of decking to ensure they are getting the protection they need.

Meanwhile, wood decking remains the standard for high-quality decking options. It can be made from redwood, cedar, pine, or many other wood options to ensure homeowners get the look, feel, and smell they want and may range from affordable to expensive depending on the wood being used and the size of the deck. In terms of upkeep, wood decks must be stained and sealed every few years to preserve the wood and prevent warping. Homeowners can do this themselves, but many prefer hiring a professional. Unfortunately, this can increase the long-term cost of wood decking beyond a homeowner’s budget.


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