Trusted, Sustainable Stanley Hand Tool Production

Stanley  pic

Home Supply & Lumber Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey, is a one-stop resource for property owners’ custom kitchen and bathroom design needs. With nearly four decades of experience working with clients in Hawthorne and surrounding areas, Home Supply & Lumber has established relationships with some of the most trusted manufacturers of paints and equipment, including Stanley brand hand tools.

Stanley is a proud supporter of EcoSmart standards. The organization’s commitment to smart, environmentally sound business practices can be seen in everything from manufacturing facility operations to the carbon footprint of finished products. Stanley expects a similar commitment from suppliers, while seeking to improve the sustainability of surrounding communities, one customer at a time. One recent EcoSmart renovation involved the installation of a high-efficiency electroplating line at a Stanley facility, resulting in a reduction of 78 percent in chrome waste year-over-year and a 13-million-gallon decrease in cooling water runoff.

The Stanley dedication to sustainable business operations has resulted in no decrease in quality. Stanley tools, which are covered by a full lifetime warranty, either adhere to or surpass specifications set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Furthermore, tools are treated with a complete chrome finish to help ward off corrosion and other types of damage. More information on EcoSmart initiatives and the Stanley commitment to quality tools can be found online at


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