Custom Bathroom Design Trends

Based in Hawthorne, New Jersey, Home Supply & Lumber Center is a longtime supplier of millwork and lumber. Home Supply & Lumber also has deep expertise designing and constructing custom kitchens and baths. Before building or upgrading a bathroom, homeowners may want to survey current bathroom design trends.

For eye-catching effects in bathrooms, some homeowners are opting for statement-making floor tiles. Vivid or unique tiles can add flair to a small space and be a perfect complement to simple fixtures and walls. For homeowners who prefer a more relaxed bathroom feel, drawing ideas from nature can be an effective design approach. To achieve a natural look, designers recommend using earthy materials, such as stone, and incorporate plants into bathrooms.

Another popular trends is reconfiguring master bedrooms to provide views of attractive bathroom furnishings, such as freestanding tubs or elegant vanities. Designers note that adding in sliding doors to section off areas can be a good idea for homeowners who want an open master suite approach.


Tips for Selecting an Interior Paint Color

Home Supply & Lumber Center of Hawthorne, New Jersey, provides a full array of paints and stains for home improvement projects. In addition, homeowners can turn to Home Supply & Lumber Center for the necessary tools for do-it-yourself painting, including brushes and roller covers, tapes, and spackles. Before stocking up on painting supplies, though, homeowners should learn about how to select the right colors for interior spaces.

Design experts note that homeowners who want to experiment with color may want to work with small spaces first. For example, they could paint a small powder room, hallway, or access wall. An element of the space’s décor, such as a piece of artwork or a rug, can be the source of a favorite paint color. In addition, homeowners should consider the mood of the space along with its lighting.

By painting a small area first, a homeowner can quickly determine if the paint selection is working in the space. If not, little time and effort has been invested, and it’s relatively easy to make a color change.

DIYers Should Learn about Wood before Visiting a Lumberyard

Contractors and individuals in the Hawthorne, New Jersey, area can visit the Home Supply & Lumber Center for essential project supplies. Since its founding more than 50 years ago, Home Supply & Lumber has supplied an array of doors, windows, railings, mantles, and other products to serve every construction need. The company provides the personalized customer service every do-it-yourself (DIY) aficionado needs to complete home improvement projects.

DIYers need to learn some basics about wood before visiting a lumberyard for projects supplies. For example, DIYers should know that the National Hardwood Lumber Association has established standard lumber grades, which reflect to the quantity of defects in a board. The highest hardwood grade is First and Seconds (FAS), with several lower designations. Softwoods also receive grades, which are established by the American Softwood Lumber Standard. Softwoods used for construction, or dimensional wood, receive grades based on strength, with appearance softwoods graded by looks. By equipping themselves with knowledge about standard wood-grading procedures, DIYers can confidently select the wood they need for any home-based project.

2014 Trends in Kitchen Design

Based out of Hawthorne, New Jersey, Home Supply & Lumber Center, Inc., features a staff of carpenters and designers who understand the latest trends in home design. Along with assisting with lumber, millwork, hardware, and paint, Home Supply & Lumber Center provides customized guidance to clients seeking to alter their kitchens through renovations or new installations.

Before changing the appearance of a residence, a homeowner should learn about modern styles and designs. 2014 offers up some trendy options for kitchens.

1. Gray Cabinets – Although white or natural are standard looks for kitchen cabinets, soft gray has increased in popularity in recent years, and some expect it to overtake white’s long-lasting dominant position.

2. Colorful Sinks – Although kitchens commonly feature neutral colors, many designers enjoy the potential of colorful sinks in place of the basic white and stainless steel varieties that have occupied kitchens for decades.

3. Multi-tiered Drawers – Individuals replacing kitchen equipment can optimize their real estate through the installation of multi-tiered drawers. The drawers provide additional space as well as an interesting look in a kitchen.

4. New Technology – Many advances in kitchen appliances over the past several years add a lot of possibilities to the room. Commercial-grade equipment, such as high-quality refrigerators and ovens, are less expensive and more viable choices for homeowners. Automation further enhances the cooking experience with the use of smartphone apps and hands-free faucets.

Designing a Kitchen? Keep These Five Rules in Mind

1) Avoid accidents by installing good lighting in your kitchen. You can opt for task lighting in the form of pendants that hover above open workspaces, general illumination for the room lining the walls or across the ceiling, or lighting accents that serve to enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics.
2) Make sure your working triangle–the space between the sink, fridge and working countertops–is uncluttered and unimpeded by foot traffic. As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to have a margin of about five feet between the working triangle and seating in the kitchen.
3) Your guests don’t need to know what you cooked for dinner last night. Make sure to invest in a good quality ventilator to get rid of all the food smells that are in your home. You may be used to the smell, but an outsider would be able to pick it up right away!
4) Keep some space open for a backsplash for the oven. Cooking can get messy, especially when kids are involved! Walls or wallpaper will not always be the easiest to clean. If you don’t have a built in backsplash on your oven, make sure you cover the allotted space over the oven with tiles that are easy to wipe up.
5) Always keep your appliances in mind when designing a new kitchen. You’ll need enough space for your fridge, the oven, the dishwasher, and the recycling bins as well as your food processor and coffeemaker. If you’re planning on buying a new appliance, try and obtain its measurements before you start working on your kitchen to save yourself a hassle later on!

Because designing or remodeling a kitchen all on your own is both expensive and time consuming, consider hiring a professional team to do the work for you. The Home Supply & Lumber Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey, not only provides a variety of lumber, fittings, and home supplies, but they also have an in-house kitchen design department with professional designers, coordinators, contractors, and customer service. Give Home Supply & Lumber Center a call at (973) 427-7400.

Remodeling Cost-Effectively with Paint Color and Light

For more than 50 years, the Home Supply & Lumber Center has maintained a presence in Hawthorne, New Jersey. In addition to an extensive line of lumber and other construction materials, the Home Supply & Lumber Center offers a wide selection of award-winning Benjamin Moore paints.

Have you ever felt confined in a cozy space, or uncomfortably exposed in a wide open area? You don’t necessarily have to spend money on expensive renovations to get better results. Paint color can significantly affect the appearance of a room, not to mention the crisp, clean look of a new coat. Lighting is another critical factor.

Cool Colors
Cooler and lighter colors such as blue, green, and purple can open up a space and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Blue is a popular choice for offices, due to research suggesting its tendency to boost productivity, repress appetite, and encourage creativity.

Warm Colors
Used judiciously, warmer colors such as red, orange, and earth tones can draw attention to the borders of a room and create an inviting atmosphere. Research also shows that red can improve attention to detail-oriented tasks and increase appetite, though especially bright hues can be an annoying assault on the eyes.

A Word on Lighting
Be aware that artificial and natural lighting can affect colors differently, and additionally the type of bulb (halogen, CFL, incandescent, LED, etc.) can have its own effects. Natural lighting is largely dictated by the position of the room. North-facing rooms receive cooler, bluish light in the early morning, while south-facing rooms receive abundant amounts of warm, dusky light.

Kitchen Design Basics

Since its founding more than 50 years ago, Home Supply & Lumber Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey, has provided its customers with top-quality kitchen installation and design, along with the best available materials. With a staff of experienced carpenters, designers, and coordinators, Home Supply has the resources to help customers in Hawthorne and the surrounding areas create the kitchen of their dreams.

A kitchen is more than just a collection of appliances, and homeowners should consider a couple specific elements when designing their ideal kitchen.

– The work triangle. Composed of the cook-top, refrigerator, and sink, the ideal work triangle has no leg shorter than four feet or longer than 26 feet. This gives anyone using the kitchen enough space to keep things relatively within reach without feeling crowded.

– The flow of the kitchen. If the kitchen sees heavy foot traffic from children or other family members coming and going, organize it so that traffic is directed away from the cooking area. An island or small pantries for often-used items are a good way to help encourage kitchen flow.