Home Supply & Lumber Center’s Quality Doors from Top Manufacturers

With nearly a half century of experience, Home Supply & Lumber Center, Inc., offers Hawthorne, New Jersey, contractors a full range of dimension lumber suitable for professional jobs. Home Supply also stocks quality moldings, hardware, paint, and windows ideal for any residential construction or remodeling project. The firm’s interior and exterior doors include brand names such as Masonite, Jeldwin, Simpson, Rouge Valley, and ThermaTru.

Made of fiberglass, ThermaTru doors avoid many of the limitations of steel and wooden doors by combining the strength of metal with the appearance of natural wood. Advantages include resistance to scratching and denting and insulating properties five times the value of wood.

Constructed by America’s leading wood door manufacturer, Rouge Valley products place quality craftsmanship first. Woods used include ponderosa pine and Douglas fir native to the high elevation Oregon Cascades. All doors have handcrafted features, including v-groove and beaded panels that showcase the wood’s natural beauty and add style to any home environment.

Home Supply of Hawthorne offers do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors alike an informed sales staff that provides highly personalized service in selecting appropriate products and materials for projects of any size.


Kitchen Lighting: Illuminating the Heart of a Home

By Hawthorn, New Jersey-based Home Supply & Lumber Staff

Though many kitchen redesigns feature gorgeous cabinetry, appliances, countertops, and flooring, a well-conceived lighting plan is a must for the room’s beauty to shine through. Ironically, especially in older homes, many people stay with the more traditional single overhead fixture. Progressive designers and electrical contractors suggest that modern designs include multiple fixtures including track lighting, recessed ceiling fixtures, and low-voltage halogen under-cabinet fixtures.

Among the advantages to these alternate approaches is that track fixtures can be moved and re-aimed for dramatic effect, while all three fixture types can utilize high-efficiency halogen bulbs. Whereas halogen bulbs provide up to 2,000 hours of illumination, even newer xenon bulbs are also an option at similar cost, yet deliver up to 10,000 hours of service. Finally, the low-cost addition of dimmers can allow diners to achieve any mood, from candlelight dim for a romantic occasion to full brilliance for food-preparation ease.

With over five decades in business, Home Supply & Lumber, Inc., of Hawthorne, continues to be regarded as the region’s most innovative custom kitchen firm.

Home Supply Hawthorne Helps Families Build Their Dream Kitchens (Part 1 of 2)

For more than 50 years, Home Supply & Lumber Center, Inc., in Hawthorne, New Jersey, has given area families and contractors access to top quality materials and knowledgeable designers. Now, as the end of the year quickly approaches, many area homeowners are looking ahead to their tax returns. If they want to spend their 2012 tax refund on a kitchen remodel, now is the time for them to begin looking at designs and considering their options. The kitchen design team at Home Supply Hawthorne can help homeowners with a kitchen installation that fits their lifestyles and their budgets.

Experts realize that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Families use it to cook, to eat, to do homework, to play board games together, or just to talk and spend time together. A well-designed kitchen brings families together and creates a warm, welcoming space. As the housing market continues to stagnate, many designers find that families have shifted away from kitchens chosen to “wow” a home buyer. Instead, they are choosing kitchens that make their existing home livable. One of the new trends in kitchen design is to take out the wall that separates the formal dining room from the kitchen and create one large space for cooking, eating, and entertaining. This is often an economical alternative to creating an addition to get a larger kitchen.

The second part of this article will discuss design trends that emphasize ease and organization to make kitchens more pleasant for busy families.

Professional Hire vs. Do It Yourself Home Improvement

by Home Supply & Lumber Center, Inc., Hawthorne, New Jersey

Even the most ambitious and experienced home improvement aficionados may from time to time doubt their abilities to complete certain tasks around the home. Depending on the complexity of the project, homeowners of varying talents and levels of experience may consider seeking the help of professional contractors. On one hand, do-it-yourself projects give you a sense of accomplishment and save you money; on the other, there is no shame in hiring a professional who can guarantee proficiency and accuracy. Here are some issues to think about:

1. You save on labor costs.
2. You gain experience.
3. You don’t have to deal with having a stranger in your home.
4. You can do the project at your own pace.

Hiring Professional Contractors
1. You save yourself time and effort.
2. You have support from a skilled worker who can make amendments if you have new ideas.
3. You are more or less guaranteed a job well done.
4. Depending on the contract you arrange, the contractor who makes a mistake is responsible for fixing the problem.

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